Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment, Dermatologist Clinic in Delhi NCR

Dandruff is visible scaling of the scalp due to excessive formation of dead skin that sheds off and can be extremely embarrassing. It can also lead to unbearable itching on the scalp and can also be a contributing reason for hair fall.

The main causes of dandruff are-


1. Yeast Infection

2. Irritated, oily scalp

3. Oiling or excessive use of conditioners, wax or pomades on scalp

4. Sensitive skin

5. Psoriasis – can be mistaken for dandruff

Extreme cases of dandruff are difficult to be cured by homemade remedies. What is required is intensive care and expert treatment.

At L A Skin, we treat the dandruff from the root cause by inhibiting the yeast proliferation, reducing the oiliness of scalp and addressing the factors which lead to this imbalance of scalp health. According to the type of hair, skin sensitivity, lifestyle and hair grooming needs, a treatment protocol is formulated. It includes topical products like lotions and shampoos, and if required oral medication.  In just one or two sessions with L A Skin’s experts, you can bid adieu to your dandruff problems with the right medication.